Trackpad and Wrist Rest Skins for MacBook Pro Air Retina Display

The trackpad and wrist rest protector skin are one of the most highly required accessories for a MacBook owner, but more often is given the less priority. A MacBook owner may not care about placing MacBook skins to cover the palm rest area especially when the unit is still new and wrist rest is still shiny. However, this will prove to be detrimental in the long run as wear and tear issues could result in scratches caused by watches, rings or other objects.

Lets not forget other substances such as dirt, dust and grime, as well as natural oils and moisture from the users skin, causing unsightly yellowish stains and smudges that accumulate over time. At this time, the anxious owner would be searching solutions to counter this. Now, this is where the SkinStyler MacBook skin series step in to help you achieve a professional and beautiful finish for your track pad and wrist rest area.

The SkinStyler matte protector skin solution covers up the MacBook Pro, Air, and Retina Display wrist rest area perfectly well, not just to prolong the life of your precious device but also to enhance the look and keep it fingerprint and stain-free.

Protecting Your Investment

Every laptop purchase is a huge investment so it makes common sense to start protecting it with SkinStyler Macbook Protector Skins. Make this the first priority to-do and you will be able to preserve your gadget in tip-top condition. Long period of touch pad and hand rest area usage causes it to no longer look as clean as it used to be or it starts to discoloration and look dirty. Put on a wrist rest skin to cover it up and make your macbook look new always. You can then either resells your device for a great price or even pass it down to an appreciative loved one.

SkinStyler Macbook Trackpad Skins surface is smooth, thus allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly across the trackpad minus that sticky feeling. The film is made from a special polymer material and features an adhesive that is easy to apply. It will help keep your MacBook like new for years. SkinStyler Macbook skins give your trackpad both great protection and precision of tracking without the common unsightly stains and dirt marks.

Personalized Just for You

Make your notebook truly match with you, not just with personalized desktop wallpaper but now also the trackpad and wrist rest of the MacBook. You can now add a touch of awesomeness to your MacBook touchpad with your own desired photo or custom artwork design of your own. All you need to do is just upload it and let us handle the rest. We will design it and email you artwork proof before we produce it.

To give you an idea of what can be done, some companies even request to have their company logos printed on MacBook wrist protector skins as part of their overall strategy to promote brand awareness and reinforce their corporate identity. Similarly, you can also personalize your MacBook Pro palm rest skin with your name or desired words or phrases on it. Personalize your MacBook wrist rest skin and make it truly your own. What's more, a personalized palm rest skin with encouraging words on it can be a unique and meaningful gift for that special someone.

A Unique Sense of Style

Some people like it plain, but some love a little splash of colors in their lives. Show off your unique individuality and stand out from the rest with SkinStyler MacBook skins for trackpad and wrist rest, which allows you to instantly differentiate your MacBook instantly from the group of notebooks.

Showcase your sense of fashion by custom designing your MacBook Pro track pad protection skin by yourself, or simply select a design from our rich catalogs. What's more, styling your MacBook is so easy and hassle-free with our trackpad skin or wrist rest protection pack!


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